October 12, 2008

Homemade Genocide

A long and methodical plan to make Americans a minority in our own country is underway and constantly gaining traction.

by John Tait

It has been said by many, perhaps most notably Bill Clinton, that no majority race will exist in America by 2050. The Pew Research Center recently released even more disturbing data. That fateful day will not occur in 2050, but eight years earlier. Clinton would surely applaud such news as the graduates did during his speech at Portland State University’s 1998 Commencement ceremony. Those applauding were not individuals who would benefit from such misfortune. The crowed was comprised of mostly whites who expressed approval regarding their upcoming minority status. Diversity is a celebration of all foreign cultures and a denial of our own.

In my book, Plain Truth, I make the case that America is not a collection of various people throughout the world. Rather, we are part of Western Civilization. If founded by Asians, as opposed to Europeans, all of America’s unique characteristics would differ. Just as east and west are directional opposites, so too are Far Eastern Culture and that of Western Civilization. Such is fact, not fiction, as the following passage from Plain Truth proves:

Had the inhabitants been generally Japanese with other Asian nations representing the remaining population, no doubt exists that American history would differ drastically. The language of choice would be Japanese as opposed to English, and the two prevalent faiths would be Shinto and Buddhism instead of Christianity. The foundation of America would be based upon Asian culture as a substitute for Western civilization. Differences among nations within the same continent are always noticeable and sometimes drastic. Language, culture, heritage, history, and physical appearance are just some of the existing disparities between nations on any given continent. Compare two nations on different continents, and the discrepancies become more drastic and obvious.

One must support ridiculous falsehoods in order to deny that America is a product of Western Civilization. For the sake of argument, let us assume that America was the product of Asian heritage as opposed to European. Would an “Asian America” have become a major bastion of Christianity? How would have the establishment of individual rights occurred without the evolution of the European people since the Magna Carta? Would the great early American heroes such as Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson even have become simple citizens in this mythical America? Would they have even wanted to?

For those displaying common sense and knowledge of history, absolute differences would exist between a hypothetical “Asian America” and what the United States has become based upon Western Civilization. Unique heroes, holidays, political and religious beliefs, mannerisms, and physical characteristics of the American people exist. They exist because of who we are and what we hope to remain: An exceptional Western people who cherish our past and wish to preserve our culture, heritage, and people without interference from detestable figures at home or abroad.
We can not know the result of an America founded by non-Western people. What common sense proves, however, is a significant distinction between a nation created from a free Western people and the possibilities which exist had “America” been established without European history, culture, and people.

Current legal immigration policy ignores such facts. The enemy has made a living off of using part of history against us while ignoring facts they despise. Immigration played a major role in American history after the Revolution (Prior to 1776, colonization, not immigration, significantly increased our population). However, contemporary politicians refuse to complete the thought regarding the origin of American colonists and immigrants. The answer that everyone knows and many deny – Europe!

The U.S. government officially recognized this fact through the Immigration Acts’ of 1921 and 1924. The first Act states, “Immigration from a specific nation was limited to three percent of that nation’s population living in the United States, as reported in the 1910 Federal Census”. The Immigration Act of 1924 lowered the allowed immigration from 3% to 2% based on the 1890 Census.

The infamous Act of 1965 legislated that the majority of new immigrants must come from outside of Europe. The law, along with others succeeding it, has caused the white population in America to fall from 90% in 1965 to roughly 66% today. Several other government policies exist with the intended goal of displacing the white majority by making the prospect of pro-creation more appealing for non-whites than traditional Americans. They often fall under the guise of “minority rights.” If brought to their final conclusion, however, they deprive us of our natural right to pass on our unique race, heritage, and culture to posterity.

Sanctuary cities have propped up throughout the United States. Such jurisdictions deprive law enforcement of the necessary funds to enforce Federal immigration laws. In some cases, police are told specifically not to report any illegal’s with strict punishment for those refusing to obey orders. Invaders are given the same entitlements as citizens which creates a situation in which Americans pay for their food, shelter, and education. Some sanctuary jurisdictions include Chicago , Newark , Trenton , Miami , Denver , Austin , Dallas , Houston , Phoenix , Tucson , Seattle , Salt Lake City , twenty eight cities in California , Fairfax County , and the state of Oregon . In an ironic twist, sanctuary cities would not exist had the federal government recognized their constitutionally mandated duty to protect our national borders.

Perhaps no more absurd example of government’s devotion to diversity exists than in regard to the following example. Clinton continued a $70 million resettlement program which performed the purpose of inviting several thousand Iraqi veterans of the Gulf War to begin new lives in America. One day an Iraqi is in uniform fighting American soldiers and the next begins a new life in an American neighborhood. This policy was instituted even after U.S. intelligence became aware of Sadaam Hussein’s effort to infiltrate the American border with members of his own Republican Guard. Government will create even the most ridiculous programs to meet their ultimate objective.

A similar program is currently underway. An objective has been set by the federal government allowing 2,000 Iraqi refugees per month into the United States. Upon arrival, each individual receives eight full months of monetary support for housing, food, and other necessities. Our current tax system is a forced transfer of wealth from white Americans to non-whites throughout the world. This results in an increase of non-white births and quality of life, while our population and overall well-being decreases. The average family pays 38% of all earned income in taxes. A system has been established which forces whites to fund their own minority status. Another form of taxation exists which produces a similar result. The dominant will of the Federal Reserve to print money and loan to government creates an extra tax in the form of drastic inflation. For example, if the Federal Reserve prints $70 million, loans it to government, who in turn spends it on Iraqi refugees to live next to you and I, the American people are taxed three times. First, we must eventually pay back the initial $70 million. The second tax is represented through our governments need to pay back the interest on the loan. Finally, we pay a hidden tax, inflation, which results from an excessive increase in our money supply.

While obtaining my education degree in college, I was required to understand various theories related to education. Perhaps most notably was Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” which argued that the learning process is not possible without the benefit of a safe environment. How can a student be expected to progress if constantly unsure of his physical well-being? During the baby boom, American parents were confident that their children could learn in a safe environment. Southern schools, for example, had not yet been decimated by the 1954 Brown v. Board Supreme Court decision which outlawed segregated schools. The most severe consequences were not evident to all immediately following that ominous decision. However, the consequences are infinite as contemporary history proves.

The savage attack of an innocent American student by six black teenagers could not have occurred in 1954 or shortly thereafter. During the 21st Century, however, such events occur daily. Schools used to exemplify safety and learning while passing on our culture, values, and heroes to succeeding generations. However, they have become breeding grounds for danger in which our values are ignored, our culture demonized, and our heroes made villains. It is no wonder that whites view raising children as a continuously less appealing prospect. Genocide is defined as “the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group”. I challenge anyone to find a more accurate word to describe the current state of American affairs. A long and methodical plan to make Americans a minority in our own country is underway and constantly gaining traction.

Surely, no one believes that the process will come to an end on that fateful day less than four decades from now. Our revolutionaries did not quit until fully ridding the redcoats from our soil. The allies did not stop 100 miles from Berlin. There is no reason to believe that our enemy will change course after completing the most difficult portion of their plan. It is said that we will represent only 49% of the population within four decades time. If that is true, then why can’t we become 40%? Why not 20%? Why not 10? Why not 0?

If the trend continues, every day our ability to defend our natural rights will become increasingly reduced. We have seen the violent confiscation of land taken from the white minority in Zimbabwe. We have seen how the South African majority treats the white minority as the murder of the latter by the former has become common practice. When representing a majority we witness the seizure of our property and a significant threat to our well-being. While representing a drastic minority, property has been confiscated and a safe environment is but a distant memory. How can we allow ourselves to become minorities in our own homeland when it can still be avoided? The time to respond has come.

Deceit with the intent of doing harm is a serious offense rendering an individual immoral. Genocide is an accurate description when the target is an entire race of people with complete obliteration the goal. What makes our situation more appalling is our government’s role. Its members are guilty of committing genocide with its own citizens the intended target. The methodical destruction of our race is the worst crime the United States government can commit. A nation can survive economic uncertainty, unnecessary war, or a reduction in rights. Such wrongs can be made right. Destruction of ones race, however, if brought to its conclusion, is final.

Those committing such acts have become “representatives” guilty of pursuing an outcome which they are obligated to prevent. I know of only one word powerful enough to describe such individuals: Traitors!

(John Tait is a recent graduate of Northeastern Illinois University. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and directly contradict the teachings of the aforesaid University. He recently published his first book, Plain Truth).

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