October 5, 2008

The Experiment Has Failed!

I spoke with a certain CEO today who no longer reads this blog because he claims that "The Experiment Has Failed".

I thought I would share that.

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Volksgeist said...

Look, the reality of things are rapidly revealing themselves across the world, by the hour actually. I post to inspire questioning and knowledge. If it is too much, then I will just stop posting anything. I think hiding your head and skulking away in self-righteous ignorance is no way to face freedom of expression and the minor shock of the cold water wake up call I'm trying to splash in peoples faces. T

hat splash is just that, MY splash of water. Counter the ideas, post something contradictory, something, but it doesn't take much to just walk away in the face of opposition. The truth is out there, if you think I'm wrong, prove it, don't run, hide and arrogantly dismiss something well documented and never even try to disprove or redirect the issue.

CEO doesn't want to think about such things, CEO is happy to just be the CEO, and that's fine. But just because real defenestration takes a little thicker skin than it seemed at first does not mean the "Experiment" failed, but that the "researcher" didn't really want to "research" and so they retired. Most of the time when people are intellectually and politically challenged, it brings up some very tough subjects, and they quickly realize they would much rather not have to wrestle with such deep reaching issues, and shut off.

Just so it's clear, everything I post is not an endorsement or something I even agree with, but for the sake of open and free discussion they are always relevant to our daily changing world.

If it's getting to intense to deal with these issues, I will be more than happy to wrap it up and end my posting, but if not, I will continue to defenestrate all the bullshit I can find. I don't want to take people where they don't want to go, so just let me know.