October 4, 2008

Congress doesn’t live in real world

Congress doesn’t live in real world

Instead of American companies supporting the U.S. economy, they opted to moved overseas to avoid paying taxes. Corporate America is still screaming for more immigrant workers while hard-working Americans are pounding the pavements looking for work and struggling to keep their homes

The events on Wall Street have forced this senior citizen to come to terms with a multitude of feelings. Shock, fear and uncertainty were soon replaced by reality and anger. After a lifetime of working hard, saving wisely and planning for a good retirement, it could all be for naught.

Why? Because our government “of the people, by the people and for the people” is anything but. Be it Republican or Democrat, it makes little or no difference. Instead of addressing the problems, members of both parties were too busy shifting the blame away from themselves.

I certainly have no experience in government, politics or world finances. But I do live in the real world. In the real world, we work for a living. We work to feed and clothe a family, put a roof over our head and perhaps manage a few luxuries. One would expect that our elected officials would be supportive.

In their desire to stay in office, Democrats and Republicans alike have become the shills of Big Business, Big Banking and Big Oil. Of course, they refer to it as progress, free trade and globalization. The reality is they took our good-paying jobs away from hard-working Americans and handed them to China and India, etc. Even some X-rays are being read abroad and even tax returns are sent overseas. Instead of addressing the impact mass immigration will have on our economy, our government continues to export jobs and import cheap labor.


Congress doesn’t live in real world

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