August 7, 2008

Clarion Ledger Interviews Dr. David Duke about Obama —Publishes Typically Biased Article

(left) Leonard Zeskind, a typically hypocritical Jewish supremacist who defends Apartheid Israel (much like the ADL) while at the same time lectures America on the evils of White people defending their heritage and civil rights!

Clarion Ledger Interviews Dr. David Duke about Obama —Publishes Typically Biased Article

(MP3 Podcast below- while it's controversial... hell, because it's controversial, it's worth a listen!)

Listen here to the actual interview with reporter with the Clarion Ledger!

On Sunday, the Clarion-ledger, part of the far left, pro-Zionist Gannet newspaper chain ran an article titled, “Some white racists favor left, Obama or Nader win would aid supremacist movement, some say.” It was typical distorted reporting that one can come to expect from the mainstream media in America. But, thanks to technology and the web, you can hear the actual interview of Dr. Duke with the reporter. You will see that the taped interview shows a completely different side of David Duke than that which was conveyed in news article. The title is enough to get the flavor of the piece. Racism is defined these days as “hating or wanting to suppress other races.” That is certainly not what the White movement today espouses. Another word used to describe us is “supremacist,” and that is not a term used by any White activists and in fact it does not reflect our views.

European Americans are not seeking supremacy or suppression over others, simply the preservation of their heritage and rights in the nation our own forefathers created. In fact, the biggest threat to America is certainly not White supremacists but the Jewish supremacist extremists who dominate the media and political process of the United States. Note the extraneous quotes in the article about Adolf Hitler thrown in as a device meant to isolate the views of White activists from the millions of White people who are starting to see hat we are losing our country. Adolf Hitler has nothing to do with it! Note too, that the “authority” used to analyze the White response to the election: none other than Leonard Zeskind, a Jewish extremist supporter of the apartheid Jewish State of Israel, while at the same time he criticizes European Americans for simply wanting to preserve the nation our own forefathers created! As we mentioned in a recent article, also consider how Dr. David Duke was introduced as “former Klansman,” not former member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana, and he is certainly not accorded his proper title in the same way the Clarion Ledger refers to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Also be cognizant of the nasty-looking picture of David Duke used, one with him caught in mid-sentence with his mouth distorted. Listen to the actual phone interview of David Duke with the reporter, and you will hear the real position of David Duke, not the distorted images you get in the Clarion-ledger and the “mainstream” newspapers in the U.S. At least with the Internet you have a chance to learn the truth! If you read the article, be sure to listen to actual interview!

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