February 11, 2008

Who did your parents vote for

A new study says political leaning is linked to genetics. No wonder I want to burn witches...


Volksgeist said...

I have always maintained that culture is an expression of a people. All throughout history genetically related peoples tend to stay within the comfort zone of that nations ideologies, even when relocated and exposed to foreign ideologies, they tend to always come back to the train of thought that is comfortable to them.

winkswink said...

I liked Rose Carter's comments about the Reagan Administration when the "Great Communicator" was talking about taking America back to "the good old days."

She said that his Administration made us "comfortable with our prejudices."

However, I have some cousins who were raised in "Barry Goldwater" household. Two of three vote "liberal to progressive" now. The third of the three in the family is still a staunchly confused Republican.

I think if people engage in the real world, their views can change.
If they just sit on their ass, then yeah, I'd say the gravitational pull of what is easiest will win.

So where are those witches?