February 11, 2008

The March Forward!

Ron Paul: Going the Distance
A campaign update by Ron Paul, as well as a call to arms for all freedom loving Americans. Dr. Paul has asked that his supporters organize a march on Washington. Stay tuned for details.


winkswink said...

It will take more than a March on Washington to change things.

In fact, the media has COMPLETELY ignored marches in the 100's of thousands against the Iraq invasion and occupation over the past several years.

Paul supporters should move their energies to holding all elected scumbags accountable. They should move to support impeachment hearings, etc. Oppose retroactive immunity for violators of Constitutional Law, etc.

Volksgeist said...

We are focusing energies on things like that. May R supporters have taken the initiative to not only hold traitors responsible, but many have taken it upon themselves to actually run for office. Weather in their state governments or nationally. This march isn't so much for the Media, as it is for Ron Paul's supporters, freedom loving Americans who want our country back. While I am unsure of what it will accomplish, a public showing of support on mass scale can't be a bad thing.