February 11, 2008

CA: Worse than Florida 2000?

Following the voting in CA last Tuesday, five times as many voters in CA are now being disenfranchised than in Palm Beach County's "hanging chad" catastrophe of 2000.

L.A. County registrar, Dean Logan, knew this would happen ahead of time -- because a lawyer for the Courage Campaign warned him in a detailed letter prior to the primary.

I bet this Logan guy was one of the registrars that was complaining when anti-Diebold Atty. General Debra Bowen put the axe to the non-verifiable, hackable electronic voting machines.

I'd like to find out who this jerk Logan works for. He is refusing to hand-count the "double-bubble" ballots.

If anyone has anything, please post here.

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winkswink said...

Check this out:


LA County Registrar of Voters, Dean Logan, is under contract (6 years) with a PRIVATE SOFTWARE COMPANY to manage elections that occur in Los Angeles.