December 20, 2007

Ron Popeil for President

I actually saw the article being written about by Q Pub and Volksy early in the afternoon yesterday and wanted to tackle it. Again, I didn't have enough time to gather my thoughts. Instead I went home and played poker; pretty cool tournament - 90 player knockout tournament. I got my buy-in back on bounties alone! I guess distractions from any kind of critical thinking is why we are losing in the first place. However, I do see the importance of winding down at times. Speaking of which, I haven't drank since Sunday!!!

Now, since I was playing poker and organizing my iTunes all last night, I feel I have gathered the poise to comment on this topic from another vantage. Now there are very interesting questions and comments that need to be addressed from such a small article. Before I elaborate on those, I would like to let my viewpoints on the political atmosphere be inked.

I for one am not a supremacist of any sort, if anything I am a man of self-loathing. I think not one person is superior to the idea that being a good person is the most important thing in this life. Now, do I think that people should be proud of their heritage and backgrounds? Sure. Do I think it should be ever consuming to any person or race? Absolutely not. Do I like asking myself questions and answering them immediately afterwards ala Donald Rumsfeld? Possibly. When it comes to pride. The only thing I've ever been proudof was the 3 foot long deuce I once had that didn't break. It wrapped around the toilet like a soft serve chocolate ice cream.

Let's address the many important aspects of this article. First, why was this on the front page of Seriously. When was the last time you saw on the front page of any news lobbyists for tobacco, nuclear energy, or rabid rabied babies giving to any "major" political campaigner. Someone get me the numbers, how much had the Carlyle Group and Halliburton given to the major DC players? Do we ever hear about this. It has been argued that these groups contribute more to violence than I think that one blogger ever could. Our wars are fought (although I am not shorstsighted enough to say "only fought") for the profit of these companies. The political clout and money these companies contribute FAR outweigh the $500 this single man ever could. I don't know enough about him, but Ron Paul does not seem like a man who could be bought, let alone for $500.

Second, who digged this info up? Was this the worst person who has donated to this man's campaign? How long did it take whoever found this to find one bad man's donation? I mean, we never hear about the American Hero Henry Ford donating mucho dollars to Hitler's regime, but on the flipside we hear about this $500. Aren't kids dying in Iraq and Darfur, aren't we delving into a recession, isn't Britney Spears' sister pregnant? And this is front page material?

Third, I think this is a deliberate piece of slander on the parts of the major political players. Whenever someone grassroots has traction, we hear Racist Ron Paul and Kooky Kucinich. These people who are truly trying to make a change in DC are marginalized to the points of ridicule and shame. This political theater is appalling.

Fourth, "We know that he's not a white nationalist. He says he isn't and we believe him, but on the issues, there's only one choice," Black said Wednesday. "We like his stand on tight borders and opposition to a police state," Black told The Palm Beach Post earlier. That's what the dude who contributed had to say about Ron Paul. No in no way am I a white nationalist, but I have to say that the reason he is donating (border security and the OPPOSITION to a POLICE STATE) sounds pretty good to me. In addition the guy even admits that he thinks Ron Paul is not a White Nationalist but is giving money anyway.

Lastly, Volksy stated that Ron Paul is "the only only honest and decent man to run for president in my lifetime". I take issue with that. Here is my now official endorsement for the '08 election... Dennis Kucinich! I honestly believe that all he wants is to better America, let us all have equal access to quality and affordable education, quality and affordable healthcare, and quality and affordable unalienable rights that our forefathers preached. Heck, he was the first guy against the Iraq war before it became cool. I believe he is the other honest and decent man running for President. Fuck it, put the two together and see how quickly things get better.

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-Rufus Slim


Volksgeist said...

I have an interesting question for you. Why do you feel it is necessary to clarify your position of not being a supremacist and then make a joke to ease the tension? Would this be still be an issue if the article was about a pro-black(naacp) or pro-jewish(ADL) activist? and if so would you need to stress the unimportance of race if it was?

I'm not trying to make this a racial issue. This is about freedom for everybody, not just those who the PC establishment deems worthy. Whats good for the goose is whats good for the gander and all. Understanding that position, I think you will better understand Mr. Blacks position; and understand his support of Ron Paul is for the same reason any of his other supporters.

Volksgeist said...

Also! Good use of pictures, I was easily distracted from the issues at hand and I am not really sure what I read. Success! Need a job at yahoo news? kidding!

Rufus Slim said...

I think the import of my clarifying my views was to show that I can support this man who I might not agree with (haven't read his site yet) and his freedom to speak it and support any candidate he chooses.

I believe I would do the same with any other ethnicity in order to better communicate where I am coming from. If you understand my idealogies, you will better understand my language and what I am trying to communicate.

Additionally, I did not make a joke to ease any tension. I realized what I was doing was eerily similar to Rumsfeld and called myself out on it.

Also, at any opportunity I have to make a funny, I will take it.

Also, I think the pictures liven and lighten things up a bit. I always enjoy learning and reading when it is fun.

Anonymous said...