December 20, 2007

Geek The Vote

From Slashdot: "Popular Mechanics has put together an easy-to-follow matrix of where the '08 presidential candidates stand on different science, tech and environment issues. Everything is cited and links back directly to each candidate's published policy pages so you can get more info."


Volksgeist said...

That list leaves a lot to be desired. For instance it doesn't help me see if they are flip-flopers or if they have a consistent stand on the issues. I think this kind of chart only promotes lazy thinking, and would caution against using this to make any decision. The character of a person can't be reflected in a checklist. And while the issues are very important, I think more important is what kind of person the candidate is. How can we believe the candidate on the issues if their word isn't worth the paper it is written on.

Rufus Slim said...

Although I agree with Volksy that checklists aren't enough, I do have to say that they are good starting points for people to then look at the candidates they think they agree with more closely. Why aren't you guys asleep? I have to be awake, what's your excuses?

Volksgeist said...

Ya, I agree I'm just a little cranky this morning! I retract my last post.