December 18, 2007

Common Goal...

Mutual edification! The idea sprang from the minds of three friends, all with a thirst for knowledge in all matters. I believe there is a common affection for the renaissance forefathers who would master one particular domain but also who strive to learn about all things that affect humanity. A displeasure for the ennui that has been seeped into our nature though the perpetual and intentional devolution of mankind. Even the cows today seem more stoopider. But they are happy; they live in California. I digress.

This forum is for all. The purpose is Fight Clubesque - Destroy what we already know (or in other words, what we have been taught) and restart from the beginning. Anyhow. I think this will be an interesting experiment to see what at least 3 different people are finding on the Internet, what we are learning from this ever expanding library of information, what critical thinking is occurring after analyzing said articles and how we respond to each other in a non-spontaneous matter. I feel if one takes the time to articulate their beliefs through writing, the efficacy is far greater than in an instantaneous dialogue where meaning is misconstrued due to poor language or tone.

All that being said, I am looking forward to laughing as well.
Aussie Rules Volleyball

-Rufus Slim

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