December 21, 2007

Bowling for Columbus

I had a decent outing at the alley last night. 2 games over average although one was under 100 - I'm off the team. We started the second half of the season now 0-8. Holding it down.

I received an interesting offer. My coworker can get tix to the Democratic debate in Hollywood coming up. I think that this could be interesting to see how this piece of fluff is produced. Are my defenestrators in?

The AP revealed their person of the year. We need to analyze his impact on culture further.

Although the Writer's Strike is not over, John Stewart and Colbert are slated to come back on the air without the writers Jan. 7.

This is why people hate lawyers. I am gonna sue that stuck his tongue out at me on the bus for $50k for irreparable emotional damage.

A new medical journal responds to medical myths. Among interesting medical updates are shaved hair DOES NOT grow back faster, coarser and darker and Reading in dim light DOES NOT ruin your eyesight.

Most importantly, my favorite day of the year is only 4 months away!
Interesting fact: "It has also been suggested that NASA invented the high-five, as it was a popular gesture among test pilots in the 1950s." From here (You have to look at the accompanied picture from this link. Priceless!) Interesting side note, I was told recently that if you look at the other person's elbow during a high five, the impact and clap will be more forceful and satisfying.

-Rufus Slim

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