December 19, 2007

Afternoon Coffee

When I first came up with the idea for this consortium of links and ideas, this article (Note: Article has been removed. Please find the actual study here) was the first I wanted to post and comment about. Now, maybe the conclusions are flawed - of course smarter people are going to read, who are then going to vote, contribute to charities, go to museums. Or maybe it is true that reading stimulates the brain, which then makes people more aware and analytical which leads to this more cultured life. Either way, I challenged myself and friends to figure out how to take the conclusions of this article practical.

I decided the best thing to do was to promote reading within myself, friends and family. First, I bought and am reading Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography (which I am thoroughly enjoying, but haven't picked up in over a week - Damn it). Next I decided that all of the gifts I give people this holiday season are going to be books. Granted, everyone I will be getting books for already reads pretty regularly, but I will still be promoting reading! Anyway, if you have any additional ideas, maybe you can add a comment or make your own post in regards to it. Maybe Big Brother/Big Sister, orating at 3rd street promenade...?

Now, I want to post another link but feel I don't have time right now to sufficiently add a summary worthy of it. So I will wait. It will be good though. Is the anticipation killing you?

Instead of what I wanted to do, I will add more fun:
Mixing A Lot of Mix-a-lot
Boyz II Men II Werewolves

-Rufus Slim


Volksgeist said...

What a disgrace to Gilbert and Sullivan, thanks for helping further degrade our cultural relevance. After 2 girls, 1 cup you post this junk! How dare you sir! Although I do think the wolfman bar-mitzvah was a major improvement to the jewish religion. Wolfman+anything actually.

Volksgeist said...

Interesting, the link to the NEA book study has been removed; I guess they thought nobody would read an article about people not reading!

Rufus Slim said...

Updated the link to the actual study instead of a summary article. Thanks for catching this!